Monday, March 29, 2010

No WoW, Back to Dag

I haven't been playing WoW for the last two months. Just didn't see the point. My son is now at the age where playing with him is WAY more fun that sitting at a computer (and before I mostly played when he was sleeping). I'm also way too geeked about the changes coming for Cataclysm just don't feel like playing much until then. I do miss some of my friends in the game, so I'm thinking that I will try to plan an evening a week and work it out so we can get online and play at the same time.

I am planning on getting back into Dagorhir and getting my foam fighting ass in better shape. I picked up an inexpensive longbow a couple of weeks back and I'm planning on making some punch shields to practice with, and maybe I'll pop down the nearest group one of these weekends and surprise them with a new player. That said, I have a new baby on the way, so I'll probably have to limit it to home practice for a while.

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