Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wowhead Mouseover and The Art of Soloing WoW Blog

I don't have much original content for today but I do have something very interesting to anyone who blogs about WoW.

Darth Solo left me comment that points to his guide to adding the Wowhead mouseover tool, which is slightly different than mine (and he was first), so I figured I would highlight the link.

He also pointed me to his guide to customizing Blogger which I will also highlight. I am a computer programmer, and I used to program in Algol on mainframes of all things, and I'm just now getting into Python at my day job, but I haven't delved much into CSS or even Blogger so I'm very happy to have it as a resource. Expect the visual appearance here to change as I absorb his guide.

I have found Darth's blog, The Art of Solo-ing WoW, to be an entertaining read and a great resource even if you aren't a solo player (which I am for the most part), and I highly recommend it.

Thanks Darth!

And on the off chance that the important links don't show up in your reader:

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