Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where Do You Get Your News?

In my regularly scheduled update (kek) I ponder the question above.

I don't get my news from the TV or newspapers or even the radio. I get most of my "news" from the people I know (a crazy conglomeration of far "left" to far "right", with lots of independents thrown in for good measure) , and when it's interesting to me, I Google it. This probably sounds crazy to at least some people out there, but I'm curious where most people get their news. I know that the mainstream media is slowly losing viewers, readers, and listeners (not as sure about radio but I understand it's fairly widespread), so I'm curious if I'm as odd as I think, or if others are bucking the traditional news sources as well.

I'll avoid many of the reason WHY I do this for a later discussion sometime in the next decade or so.

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